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Ativan: Uses ,Dosages, Side Effects, Treatment & Medication

What is Ativan?

Ativan is a potent drug used to treat anxiety, fits, status epilepticus, panic, and phobia( with or without agoraphobia.

It belongs to the clan of benzodiazepine that acts as an anxiolytic that induces a calming and relaxing effect on the CNS and body. It is available in various forms and strengths; therefore, it is essential to take the accurate dose and reap the maximum benefit from Ativan.

Anxiety disorders are pervasive, and as per the recent survey, every third person is battling with some anxiety that induces some kind of effect that mars the performance and quality of life.

Ativan for managing anxiety conditions and various types of anxiety disorder. It is an effective treatment for managing conditions like:

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobia 
  • Social phobia
  • Generalized anxiety disorder ( GAD)

What are the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder?

Understanding the cue and signals of body and mind is critical for diagnosing anxiety disorder; taking the proper action will undoubtedly help you chip off the anxiety symptoms in the best way. Here we have streamlined a few signs and symptoms common in people dealing with anxiety at large.

  • If you have anxious thoughts and cannot control your mind and thoughts. 
  • Feeling restless and tense 
  • Somatic symptoms (pounding, rapid heartbeat, unexplained aches and pain, and muscle stiffness)
  • Changes in behavior and mood

What are some uses of Ativan?

Ativan is a prescription medicine for managing a host of conditions and for managing and treating anxiety, but it has some other therapeutic uses as well that includes :

Ativan is an effective medication for managing chemotherapy-induced nausea,

 treating acute coronary syndrome.

It is also used before surgeries ( open heart) to prevent memory formation and put patients on ventilators mechanically.

 It is available in various forms, including:

  • IV
  • I’M
  • Oral spray 
  • Rectal suppositories
  • Conventional pill
  • Sublingual tablets ( under the tongue)

The effect of IV begins within 5 minutes, and the impact of the drug remains for a good three to four hours. In addition, the tablet results start within 25 minutes to 30 minutes, which is why it is essential to take the medication as per your doctor’s advice.

Ativan increases the GABA activity, reducing the electrical charging that has gone wayward. Ativan increases the GABA effect that induces a calming and relaxing effect on the body and mind.

What are some Side Effects of Ativan?

Ativan may have some side effects as well, so it is necessary when it comes to managing the symptoms and side effects. Here are common side effects that you may experience are as follows:

  • Sedation
  •  Lack of energy
  • Drowsiness
  • Decrease effort to breath
  • low blood pressure

In addition, if you have severe side effects OR any allergic reaction, seek immediate medical attention as this will undoubtedly help you mitigate the adverse impact of the drug.


The dose of Ativan varies as this will help you effectively manage the symptoms. 

The highest dose is usually prescribed at bedtime, as it has soothing properties and will induce a calming effect on the mind that will combat and mellow down the anxiety and its allied symptoms. Ativan is available in various strengths. Ativan 2 mg, Ativan 1mg, and your doctor will prescribe your dose as per the signs and symptoms.

Always follow the instructions of your doctor for better and enhanced results. In addition, if you have certain health contradictions, it is essential to inform your health care professional. Here we give a detailed breakdown of the dose for treating different conditions among different age groups and adults. The dose of Ativan for anxiety in adults and pediatricians are as follows:

Typical Dose for Managing the Anxiety

Ativan dose is between 2 mg to 6 mg and two or three doses per day. In addition, your healthcare personnel will adjust the dose in accordance with the other health conditions, general health, and the response of the treatment. 

 In the case of children, the dose will vary, and it is usually on a need basis. If you notice any changes ( abrupt) in your child’s behavior, seek immediate medical attention and rush to the nearest emergency.

Treatment & Medication for Anxiety!

Understanding the underlying cause of anxiety is very important as this will pave the way for the proper treatment and management of the condition. It is needless to mention that managing anxiety disorder requires a holistic and decisive approach to managing and dealing with anxiety more effectively. Oral Ativan is often the first line of action for acute anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Anxiety and stress are two faces of the same coin, and if you are going through a rough patch, it is essential to tackle the condition before it gets any worse.

Anxiety disorder refers to the unexplained fear apprehension that affects performance and, at the same time, it will degrade the quality of life and general well-being. It is essential to know about the most helpful and prescribed drug for managing anxiety and other allied conditions. It is necessary to manage stress at the initial stage as later it may require therapy as this will certainly help you manage anxiety in the best way. Here we bring you one medication that treats anxiety and other allied conditions that are often triggered when elevated stress levels.


You Can Buy Ativan Online is available in various forms and strengths; therefore, it is necessary to seek professional help to tame the anxiety. Ativan is advisable for short-term use as extended use of the drug may increase drug tolerance that won’t give desired results. Your GP will prescribe you a higher dose to manage and alleviate anxiety and related comorbidities.

Ativan is habit-forming, and it is a class IV drug as it has a high potential for drug abuse and misuse.