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What is Percocet?

Percocet is a pain relief medication for managing acute pain of moderate to severe category. It belongs to the drug class called opioid and analgesic combo. Buy Percocet Online as the effect of the drug lasts up to six hours. It is an effective pain killer for acute pain (broken bone, accident fall, or soft tissue injury post-surgery); however, it will not yield the same result in chronic pain. It is one of the most prescribed medicines in the US. The drug was approved by the FDA  in 1976. Ask your pharmacist about its dose and other aspects before taking this pain relief medication.

 How to buy Percocet online?

Now you can buy Percocet online without any doubt as here we bring your detailed information about the Available strength of Percocet.

 Percocet Tab 5 mg/325 mg maximum daily dose 12 tablets

 Percocet 2.5 mg/ 325mg maximum 12 tablets per day 

 Percocet 7.5 mg / 325mg maximum 8 tablets in single day 

 Percocet 10 mg/ 325 mg not more than six tablets in a day.

The usual adult dosage is one pill every six hours as required. The total dose of Acetaminophen is 4 grams per day, and it should not exceed 4 mg.

What are the possible side effects of Percocet?

 You may experience some side effects after taking a Percocet. Here we have compiled the list of common side effects that will wipe off in a couple of days. Common side effects of Percocet include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Vomiting and constipation
  •  Dizziness 
  •  drowsiness 
  •  blurred vision 
  •  Dry mouth 
  •  Feeling tired 

Furthermore, if any symptoms worsen or persist, seek to inform your pharmacist about it. If you experience severe adverse reactions, depressed breathing, passing out extremely low blood pressure tightness in the chest. If any allergic reaction( including hives, skin blistering, swelling on face, throat, and tongue), or any bizarre or unusual change in behavior, seek immediate medical intervention.

 Drug interaction

Opioid analgesics enhance the neuromuscular-blocking action of Skeletal muscle relaxants and produce an increase in respiratory depression. Percocet exhibits CNS depressant. Specific drug interactions reduce the drug’s efficacy, or it may increase the risk of adverse reactions and side effects. 

Certain drugs may reduce or alter the drug’s efficacy or increase the risk of side effects. Like opioid pain medications, opioid combo agonist-antagonist (butorphanol, pentazocine samidorphan, nalbuphine, and naltrexone. 

 If you are on other opioids such as codeine, hydrocodone, cannabis alcohol, taking two CNS depressants can cause extreme drowsiness. Shallow breathing that can be hazardous to use.,

 Do not use Percocet concomitantly if you are on sleeping pills or anti-anxiety drugs(alprazolam, lorazepam, zolpidem).

Antihistamines( diphenhydramine, cetirizine) do not go well with Percocet.

 Some muscle relaxants such as ( carisoprodol and cyclobenzaprine)

 It is essential to mention that you must read the drug’s label, especially if you are using allergy meds( cough and cold products as these products contain active ingredients that may induce enhanced drowsiness.

Antifungal drugs, HIV drugs, and certain seizure drugs also interfere with Percocet, so it is vital to measure the pros and cons. It would be best if you inform your doctor/ Practitioner about the medicine you are taking. 

  Who should not use Percocet?

  If you are allergic to opioid analgesic combination or have an allergy from the same family of drugs. If you have a brain injury 

  •  If you have a specific health condition, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD)
  • Impaired Renal functions 
  •  Impaired Liver or Acute/ chronic Hepatitis
  •  Respiratory issues
  •  Avoid Percocet if you have depression or any mood disorders
  • substance abuse such as ( overuse of Alcohol or any illegal drug)
  • Stomach and intestines problems such as blockage in intestines, infection, and paralytic ileus
  •   pancreatitis

How to use Percocet?

 Read the instructions mentioned on the pack of Percocet

 The dose depends on the type of pain Buy Percocet online and its intensity of pain 

 If you feel nausea after taking it, it is advisable to take it after a full meal or ask your pharmacist about the remedies to reduce nausea and its symptoms. 

Swallow the tablet as a whole; do not crush, dissolve or break the tablet. 

Please take it as advised by your pharmacist.

If you missed the dose, do not club the two-dose take a single amount. If there is ample time for the next dose, you can make up for the missed dose.

 How to store a Percocet? 

  • Store at room temperature. Dispense it in a dark and airtight container. Please keep it away from children. Buy Percocet online it is essential to keep meds hard to reach the place. 
  •  Do not keep moist and damp and muggy places.